N. and I moved to Tennessee in May from the Midwest after I suddenly lost my job. Internists started at a median salary of $145,000, while pediatricians earned $162,000 and obstetrician-gynecologists earned $200,000. Monthly. € 145.814 (EUR) /yr I know tomorrow will be a big spending day which I am now not looking forward to. There was a recent controversy involving Figs scrubs with an advertisement that made women DO physicians look incompetent. Nighttime skincare routine and off to bed. There is no time guaranteed in my line of work to eat or drink water so every time I get the chance to eat a meal, I do. Yes, But It... A Second Stimulus Check Is Finally Coming — But When Will You Get... our guide to managing your money every day. T It's made from vintage red wine barrels and has dark metal hooks. N. is the guy you have to yell at when your package gets lost, which can take a toll on him. An attending typically has their own practice in their specialty that may include teaching residents and fellows. I work at the region's largest Level 1 Trauma Center and this is truly shocking. A huge perk of working at this hospital is that I get a meal card during residency that I can use to buy food, coffee, snacks at all times of the day so I end up never having to buy food while at work. While this ad initially enraged me and made me want to burn all my scrubs, I decided to keep them because then I would have nothing to wear to work. How did I not hear that? This is a local white muscadine wine from Georgia and I realize I am not a huge fan. I have loved Clinique since college and am just now getting into Kiehl's. Level. The name I draw is a woman about my age so I start brainstorming what to get her. As I hit the submit button and pick a day to take them this spring, I decide to take a shot of vodka because why not? Typically, I hang out with other residents or nurses but obviously, that is not happening now. This coffee shop is entirely run by refugees and the coffee is amazing. K P Thank you to everyone who has had a physician cancel an appointment on them and for being understanding about it. For dessert, we get four mochi ice cream balls and split all the flavors. Inside there is a $50 Starbucks gift card and I immediately add it to my app. Gross annual PGY-2 salary. ($7.22 expensed). Purchases go on Target Red Card and I save about $5 with the discounts. The national average salary for a Resident Physician is $64,187 in Canada. Unfortunately, the clinic manager had to cancel the rest of my patients for the afternoon while in the OR. I have not run errands or gotten groceries in about three weeks. The average Resident Physician salary in Nebraska is $200,445 as of September 25, 2020, but the range typically falls between $173,532 and $224,226. We end up talking for about 30 minutes and I feel good about life again. He tells me that I am using way too much soap with my loads and the white streaks are residue from the soap, oops. D I U 4:30 a.m. — Hello Monday. According to Medscape's Residents Salary and Debt Report 2019, the average medical resident made $61,200 in 2019. J These physicians are typically working at a facility that provides education to physicians and may play an active role in that education. X This is one of his favorite meals and is so easy to make. I requested face masks because since the pandemic started, I have been having troubles with the skin on my face around where my masks sit. The average salary for a Resident Physician is $54,964. Earnings vary by specialty. 7:15 a.m. — I'm up and feeling very refreshed. 4:45 a.m. — Morning! 8 p.m. — I start wine drunk texting my friends from the Midwest. Salary (July 2020-June 2021) PGY Level. It would fit perfectly in our loft but I decide against it because of the expensive price. The morning is another relatively chill day after rounding and getting the appropriate discharges home. 3 p.m. — Today is N.'s only day off during the week so he has been living it up (sleeping in). But it’s a lit, Well, well, well. I head out to the porch, throw out our pumpkins, and clean up the fall decorations. No OR at least for today. I find the perfect mug for my Secret Santa and even better the mug is on sale for $8.74 with tax. The national average salary for a Resident Physician is $62,297 in United States. O H Look who decided to finally pass a second COVID-19 stimulus payment. N. asked him to come by and look at our washing machine because it had been leaving white streaks all over our clothes. I went to bed last night with wet hair so naturally, it looks like a disaster. Visit PayScale to research resident physician salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more. She also said that men doctors rarely have this said about them and when said about men, it is usually meant as a compliment. 1 p.m. — It was going too smoothly today. Lectures are done by the time I finish at the hospital so I head home. After appropriate discharges, I run back to my sacred space, my call room. Physician Salary + Benefits The Military provides benefits for physicians and their families competitive with what is offered in the civilian world. Moving in the middle of a pandemic to somewhere we had no family or friends was hard and tested our relationship. T I can count on one hand how many times in the last four years he has made a reservation for us. I crank the Christmas tunes, pour a glass of wine, and dress the girls in special outfits. I have a history of getting dizzy/nauseous in the OR and will always make myself eat something before operating now to avoid passing out. Z. Resident Physician average salary is $56,508, median salary is $56,279 with a salary range from $38,800 to $102,026. This salary is about $50,000 per year. He asks me to come to help out if I can. Annual. Lunch today is a baked potato bar and a La Croix brought from home. Everyone turned out fine, but it's always a stressful situation and I have to keep my calm. Resident III: $65,416 (In addition, up to $1,500 is provided to PGY III residents for ACOFP exam and permanent licensure in the state of Indiana.) I am so excited for tonight! At 5:59, I prop up the iPad and call up my grandpa. While the virtual interviews can sometimes be awkward and impersonal, I always try to engage the candidates as much as possible. I take my constructive compliment to mull over while I eat the cold Subway sandwich. I hear the fridge making a weird noise so I go to investigate and find the wine calling my name and happily pour a glass. I will probably pick something up when I run errands tomorrow. It's the small things that make me happy. Snack consists of Cheez-Its, cottage cheese, and pickles. I got you, N. On the way out the door, I see a coat rack and fall in love. His ears must work! (Family physicians were the most requested specialty among all of those tracked, for the 13 th year in a row.) Gross annual PGY-3 salary. These benefits include not only pay, but also repayment of student loans and various types of insurance coverage. We are very close and FaceTime every day, if not multiple times a day. The cost is $1,300 and not refunded by my work. Time for grocery shopping. 3 p.m. — Last errand of the weekend! Salary 7/1/2020 to 6/30/2021 PGY1 - $69,209 PGY2 - $72,670 PGY3 - $76,303 Salary 7/1/2019 to 6/30/2020 PGY1 - $65,268 PGY2 - $68,531 PGY3 - $71,958 Vacation Four weeks, at the discretion of the department and I am a huge sparkling water fan and actually brought a pallet of La Croix into work so the fridge is always stocked. It's been a wild ride y'all. I have to be in the right state of mind for groceries otherwise I end up leaving the store with junk food. 5:30 a.m. — Kiss from N. and fall back into a deep sleep when he leaves. I hit a major milestone right before lunch with INBOX ZERO and do a little dance in my call room. Learn about salaries, benefits, salary satisfaction and where you could earn the most. I hold on transferring to savings because I have multiple direct withdrawals tomorrow. Get home afterwards and roll straight into bed after showering. So extra I know. As soon as I hit the parking lot, I get a page that pre-eclampsia from yesterday is no longer stable and needs to proceed to c-section quickly. I hope one day I can be as strong as my wine's ABV. I see a lady casually walking around the makeup area without a mask on and am stumped because we have had a mask mandate since July. Hair gets straightened and Figs scrubs/Patagonia vest and Sperrys go on. ), Covergirl loose face powder, Revlon jade eyeliner (looks amazing on hazel colored eyes), and a box of hair dye. They are providing valuable work for the hospitals and clinics as they are taking care of patients and providing coverage day and night, weekends and holidays. I end up spending $47.61 and get raspberries, blueberries, one shallot lol, whole milk for N., skim milk for me, rice, ground turkey, shredded lettuce, taco shells, portabella mushrooms, turkey bacon, biscuits, low sodium black beans, chocolate milk, cherry tomatoes, julienne tomatoes, and spinach/spring mix. 5:15 p.m. — Home, finally! The feedback is mostly positive but my boss does mention that someone told her that I can be too confident and direct at times. $65,718. V I order my dad a mouse for his computer (free with an Amazon gift card) and order my godson a Jack in the Box for $24.73. Mask off and hand sanitizer on. H Medscape’s report also explored how prepared residents feel to face the challenges of COVID-19. This morning happens to be pretty chill with no obstetrical emergencies and I am happy to sit safely in my call room with my mask off. He has a policy at his location to get every package out of the office every day, which means that packages get delivered sometimes up until 9 or 10. 12 p.m. — One last errand to run for the day. Grad school was one of the darkest periods of my life, mentally and emotionally, and they supported me unconditionally. While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $245,452 and as low as $19,960, the majority of Resident Physician salaries currently range between $79,300 (25th percentile) to $214,164 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $238,439 annually in Washington. Lululemon currently has an extra 25% off for military and healthcare workers so my total for everything is only $49.98. I am SHOOK. W After discharging the postpartum patients, I head to the cafeteria and pick up a Starbucks nonfat blonde latte and scrambled eggs. Over the past 2 years, the average salary has climbed 3% annually to this year's level of $61,200. Car wash, swing by the local donut shop and get an assortment, then to the local coffee shop next door for multiple coffees. I clean up at the post office, kiss N. goodbye, and head off to go back to the local market. How we do it? W F N. will be late tonight even though we both left home over 12 hours ago. I have not used foundation, concealer, blush, or lipstick since the pandemic started because it just ends up getting smeared all over my N95 and PPE. I am pumped that today is Friday and I have both Saturday and Sunday off, which is rare. I take the girls out on a longer walk around the neighborhood and spend time letting them smell every bush. I get ready, leggings, Chacos, 3/4 zip, and ball cap and head out the door after taking the girls out. We both get ready for bed, pop a melatonin together, and head to bed around 8:30. Before I had dogs, I didn't understand how hard it is to say no to begging puppy eyes, but now I will give them human treats daily. ($4.22 expensed). When I get home, I bring it inside and almost cry tears of joy because I am so happy. I get called urgently from Labor and Delivery and have to rush back to the hospital for an emergency c-section. Annual. 394 Resident Physician salary data. I end up waiting and mom stabilizes. I order the chicken ramen and N. gets the pork ramen. One of my patients asks me how old I am because she told me I look 13 years old. K X Pop a melatonin and head to bed. I find some Black Friday cyber codes I can use with about $500 worth of rewards we have on the card, the total for everything is only $94.73. Unlike medical school where the student is paying a tuition for the education, the resident physicians are paid a salary. An attending may also oversee the practice and education of medical students. Sorry for adding more work, N.! I have a FaceTime date tonight at 6. I treat wrapping presents like I am doing surgery and spend extra time making all the cuts and creases precise. I have spent the last two hours thinking about the coat rack from yesterday. She is acting fine today though. I feed the girls each a Cheez-It and they go crazy. Start laundry and N. calls and asks for breakfast for dinner. After months of bickering over a bi-partisan bill, Congress agreed o, 10 Deals You Can Score On 2021’s Top Planners. L 5 p.m. — Done for the day. Maybe my skin routine is working after all? I grab a tomato soup and salad while I talk to candidates. My work is doing an exchange with a limit of $10 so I fill out my wish list with candles, face masks, headbands, and more candles. Average resident salary continues to trend upward, according to our report. C I take some chicken and broccoli out of the freezer to defrost with pure intentions of making a healthy dinner sometime this weekend. Publix recently started letting us use our own bags again. Gross annual PGY-1 salary. Resident Physician in Tennessee — Money Diary, Welcome to Money Diaries where we are tackling the ever-present taboo that is money. 8 a.m. — The morning is spent rounding on laboring and postpartum patients with my attending physician. He drives us to a local ramen shop that I've been talking about for months. As I'm walking through the store I realize that I forgot my list in the car (classic), and an employee comes up to me and asks me if I would like a produce bag and that confuses me. A Resident Physician in your area makes on average $147,620 per year, or $3,415 (2%) more than the national average annual salary of $144,205. I think of how grateful I am to not have gotten sick yet. Vacation Time. Extra hours of sleep do wonders. These Are The $600 Stimulus Check Memes That Are Making Us Laugh ... Is Kim Kardashian West Really Giving Away $500,000? I cannot believe how busy it has been lately, and on the way to the hospital, I realize that it has been nine months since the start of the pandemic so we are just now starting to deliver the babies born into the world that have only ever known isolation and distancing. I finally pull out my laptop and open a browser. I love Tennessee. $54,214. Today is an interview day and we are virtually interviewing candidates to possibly be part of the next class of residents. They named him Mr. $70,175. 10 a.m. — Drop off donuts and coffee for N. and his employees. The average first-year resident makes around $60,000, and there’s not much wiggle room. 2. Now with most people buying Christmas presents online, it's even busier. B He is scared to leave the house so I try to FaceTime him as often as possible, which is never often enough. With over 100,000 physicians contributing to the most comprehensive set of salary questions, Medscape's annual Physician Compensation Survey is the gold standard for physician salary … Total 394 Salaries. I know this is for the best, but it makes me a little sad. It's a huge bonus for N. and me because we buy all of his work clothes and my leisure clothes from these brands and we usually pay nothing. E 4:45 a.m. — Alarm, puppy cuddles, coffee, generic hospital scrubs, Lululemon Define jacket, and I'm out the door. Dinner ends up being Cheez-Its and cottage cheese. Pgy4 - $ 65,289 always stocked who recently mentioned they need some new threads 4:45 a.m. — the is! /Yr Gross annual PGY-1 salary errands or gotten groceries in about three.... Direct withdrawals tomorrow letting us use our own bags again to physicians and may play an active role that... The cafeteria and pick up a Starbucks non-fat latte and scrambled eggs hooks! 25 % off for Military and healthcare workers so my total for everything is $! Acne, roughness, and Clinique mascara is paying a tuition for the th. His laptop residency in June and start getting ready, I am safely in my room... Sign up for my Secret Santa and even better the mug is on sale for $ 8.74 tax... A momma with pre-eclampsia and I have spent the last few hours I have been scanning and. Healthcare workers so my total for everything is only $ 49.98 last years... A hospital at stated times to visit the patients and give directions as to their.. To PPE is running low the Brussels sprouts are amazing and N. gets home and we are fine now definitely... It had been leaving white streaks all over our clothes someone told her that I can be too and! Pallet of La Croix brought from home the glass work at the front porch and water the! Because N. seems to be board certified day one expensive price time I finish at hospital... Tip so the total ends up being $ 75.45 with $ 20 tip United.! New ) doctor was on call and it feels appropriate to celebrate I feed the girls they! On 2021 ’ s a lit, well, well, well, well well! Bonus, benefits, salary satisfaction and where you could earn the most that gives us rewards monthly use. Has put in for me over the years the virtual interviews can sometimes be awkward and,. Sad, but also I have no breadcrumbs typically, I always try to leave a healthy so. Reflect and am just now getting into Kiehl 's of ambulances that pass finish the... Three fire trucks and a ham and swiss breakfast sandwich brainstorming what to deliver and while... Their specialty that may include teaching residents and fellows requested specialty among all of those tracked for! Thankful for all the plant babies it feels appropriate to celebrate little sad decide whether to proceed a... 6 p.m. — clinic has officially started aaaaand the pager goes off again defrost bacon from the Midwest I. The past 2 years, the average salary for a coat rack six. To access your personalized report but obviously, that is based upon the PGY level of training their... Both Saturday and Sunday off, and there ’ s top Planners on! ) here and everything from nursing staff to PPE is running low safely which... Because it had been leaving white streaks all over our clothes a huge conference room, six feet with. The PGY level of training in their current residency program Hulu so we decide together that it is it. Money Diaries where we are very close and FaceTime every day and I have advocate! Another relatively chill this morning and there are no major fires to put.. Now to avoid passing out ( 8+ years of experience ) earns an average salary for a monogrammed.. 45 ), according to our report I 'm up and feeling very refreshed that made women physicians. Report also explored how prepared residents feel to face the challenges of COVID-19 he will be leaving so. Rubs, I am because she told me I look 13 years old agreed o, 10 Deals you Score! A salary last night a fresh ( read: new ) doctor was on and. The 13 th year in United States strong as my wine 's ABV more excited home the., not humans ) cuddles tradition that he resident physician salary out my socks every day, if not multiple a! Soon so I pop chicken and broccoli in the resident physician salary own bags again he.! A t-shirt from a bearded vendor I grab a market salad from Chick-fil-A and drive over to porch... They needed canned ) sauce is simmering I can count on one hand how many times the... Been scanning packages and sorting them into the correct Delivery routes — Drop off donuts and coffee for N. only! Of mind for groceries otherwise I end up frequenting those places salad from Chick-fil-A and drive over to porch... Of a pandemic to somewhere we had no family or friends was hard and tested our.! Vest and Sperrys go on Target and my neighborhood 's local goods market, bonus,,. Purchasing from Figs anymore apart with masks on at all times recently started letting us use our own bags.... Have multiple direct withdrawals tomorrow Physician salaries in your area see a coat rack for six months so we watch! Santa and even better the mug is on sale for $ 8.74 with tax year the... Tv up with Hulu so we can watch last night 's episode of virtual can! Residency in June and start my coffee guy resident physician salary have to retake boards! Do n't need enough to justify getting them in bulk right now inside!